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The Brow Gal Eyebrow Scissors

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Itís back-to-school time, and a good pair of scissors is one of the most essential supplies your children will need to keep in their desks at school or in their rooms at home. Ebates, known for pioneering Cash Back shopping, has a brand new way to shop for scissors and other great back-to-school products. With Shop Ebates, you can browse products and buy them directly on our site while still earning Cash Back.

When it comes to buying kids scissors, thereís a lot more to consider than youíd expect. First, you definitely want to think about age appropriateness. Are your children in kindergarten or first or second grade? If so, youíll want to purchase safety scissors, with blunt ends and a comfortable grip for little hands. If your children need school scissors for upper-grade projects, Fiskars scissors are an excellent brand because they come in a variety of styles and shapes for different applications. Choose from classic, multipurpose and 7-inch standard student scissors with handles in a rainbow of colors. If you have more than one child, you can give each a pair in their favorite hue and there wonít be any school-supplies mix-ups between kids. And donít forget that lefty in your family! Left-handed scissors and shears are a must-have for the approximately 10% of the population that primarily uses their left hand. Your children and their teachers will appreciate your buying just the right pair of scissors for back to school.

With Shop Ebates, youíll get Cash Back on scissors and all the other back-to-school supplies on your kidsí lists. And soon youíll get that Big Fat Check, which means youíll be able to purchase other items you or your kids want for back to school or any time of the year!