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Shop Ebates for pens in a variety of styles with Cash Back! Find savings on ink pens, gel pens, ballpoint pens and more for Back to School. Join for free today and get a $10 Welcome Bonus.

Shop Ebates for Deals on Pens

Everyone knows the ancient adage, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” But today’s ink pens are available in such a variety of choices that your children’s written words will come across even brighter and bolder than before! With Ebates, known for pioneering Cash Back shopping, there’s a brand new way to shop for pens, pencils, crayons, markers and so much more. With Shop Ebates, you can browse products and buy them directly on our site while still earning Cash Back. Explore Shop Ebates today for great new pens and other awesome back-to-school products your children will need.

There are so many cool pens you can purchase on Shop Ebates that you’ll have a hard time choosing, so why not buy a bunch for back to school? Not only are there traditional ballpoint pens for serious writing, but your kids also will love the latest gel writing pens, a type of ink technology that uses pigment in a water-based gel. Super fun and colorful, gel pens are great to use for writing, cartooning, illustrating and other types of art, and they work especially well on dark or slippery surfaces because the ink is thicker and will show up more clearly.

Check out your elementary-age children’s back-to-school lists to see what their teachers require for the classroom. For older kids, stock up on all the pens they’ll need for their lockers, backpacks and home desks. With Cash Back on pens and the other back-to-school supplies you purchase on Shop Ebates, you’ll soon get that Big Fat Check! Who knows — with the money you earn on Shop Ebates, maybe you’ll want to buy some of those amazing gel pens for your own office!