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Shop Ebates for Deals on Markers

Felt-tip pens were invented way back in 1910 by Lee Newman, who probably didn’t know his invention would become so popular that it would end up being a must-have on back-to-school shopping lists everywhere. What’s even better is that, with Ebates, known for pioneering Cash Back shopping, there’s a brand new way to shop for markers and other back-to-school supplies for your kids. With Shop Ebates, you can browse products and buy them directly on our site while still earning Cash Back.

The basic marker consists of a porous tip made of fibers and a pen that has an absorbent material that holds the ink. Markers now come in a rainbow of colors — and tons of amazing hues that aren’t even part of the rainbow! After Newman’s initial invention, Walter J. De Groft patented a marking pen in 1944 that eventually became the Sharpie markers we all know and love. Felt-tip pens gained even more popularity when Sidney Rosenthal invented the Magic Marker in 1953. Now even more brand names have joined the ranks of art-marker manufacturers, including Crayola markers, which are becoming as classic as Crayola’s beloved line of crayons. You and your children can use markers for many applications — from illustrations to signage to journaling and so much more — so stock up and get Cash Back right now on Shop Ebates!

Go over your children’s back-to-school lists to see what school supplies are required for their classroom, locker or backpack. You also may want to get a good set of markers for home use. With Ebates Cash Back on all the felt-tip markers you purchase on Shop Ebates, you’ll soon be getting a Big Fat Check you can use for whatever you choose, including more school supplies and other exciting products on Shop Ebates!