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Shop Ebates for Deals on Headphones & Earbuds

It’s back-to-school time, so head over to Shop Ebates to give your kids a head start on headphones! Ebates, known for pioneering Cash Back shopping, has a brand new way to shop for the best headphones for your children’s laptops, desktops, tablets or other devices. With Shop Ebates, you can browse products and buy them directly on our site while still earning Cash Back.

While shopping for headphones, you should consider how your children will use them. Will they need wireless headphones — which connect to a device through a Bluetooth signal — for home study? Maybe your kids need noise-canceling headphones to tune out the rest of the world while they do homework. Technology called “active noise cancellation” cancels out sound using padding and microphones in the ear wells of the headphones, which works pretty well to help keep kids on task. Just be sure to unplug them when it’s time to tell the kids dinner is ready! Earbuds are another common type of headphone, and are used as microphones inside the ear. Always have your kids keep the volume low to avoid hearing damage, and check ratings and reviews to find those that are most comfortable for children (or adults, if you’re planning to get a pair for yourself).

With Shop Ebates, you’ll get Cash Back on earbuds, headphones and all the tech your kids want for the new school year. And when your Big Fat Check arrives, you can spend it however you like. You may even want to use your Cash Back to visit Shop Ebates again for more great deals on hundreds of products!