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On Shop Ebates, you can select from a variety of calculators that suit your children’s age, school and learning requirements. Beginning math whizzes will be excited to get their first calculator — a simple model that does addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. If your children are in upper grades, their teachers may require graphing calculators for more complicated tasks. A graphing calculator is a handheld device that can plot graphs, solve equations and even create customized programs. What’s great about graphing calculators is that they generally have larger displays, which means they can show the user multiple lines of calculations. If your high school or college student has a major interest in math, science or engineering, you’ll want to check out Shop Ebates for a scientific calculator. Scientific calculators are used both in schools and by professionals in science-related fields.

Whether your children are just starting out with basic math or already taking advanced calculus and trigonometry, you’re going to want to give them the best foundation possible with the latest calculator. With Ebates Cash Back on your calculator purchase, you’ll soon get that Big Fat Check to spend on whatever you want, like ice cream! Hey, you can even calculate a bigger portion for yourself!